CLE Webinar: “Mastering Medmal Mediations”

Webinar date: July 28, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. ET

The panel discussion will address the best practices for the successful mediation of medical malpractice claims for plaintiff and defense counsel alike. Topics will include identifying which cases to mediate, client consultation and preparation prior to mediation, drafting the mediation statement and more.

Leslie D. Corwin Esq. Joins NAM's Esteemed Panel Of Neutrals

Mr. Corwin has handled, counseled and supervised numerous disputes and lawsuits that include issues relating to finance, real estate, securities, entertainment, employment law, ERISA, corporate management agreements, franchise acquisition, legal fees, licensing, partnerships, professional liability and disciplinary proceedings, contracts, legal and ethical responsibilities of corporate board members, director and officer liability, errors and omissions and breach of fiduciary duty.