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August 9, 2012


NAM has been selected to assist in the administration of the proceedings for valuing and paying certain medical malpractice and general liability claims against Long Island College Hospital Trust (“LICH”).

In connection with a very detailed and complex proceeding whereby the sale of substantially all of Long Island College Hospital’s assets to the State University of New York, Downstate Medical Center and a SUNY-Downstate affiliate was approved by the Supreme Court, Kings County, a malpractice trust was created to administer and pay certain claims against LICH and/or LICH employees and/or LICH-affiliated voluntary attending physicians. Pursuant to the order of Hon. Carolyn E. Demarest, dated February 16, 2012, Dominic J. Lodato, Esq. was appointed as trustee of the LICH Malpractice Trust. Combined Coordinating Council is the general manager of the LICH Malpractice Trust and NAM has been retained to assist in the administration of the resolution proceedings.

Roy Israel, President and CEO of NAM stated: “I am very honored that those involved in the creation and administration of the LICH Trust have placed their confidence in NAM and its mediators and arbitrators to assist in the resolution proceedings. Parties have a choice of 10 mediators and arbitrators in the NY Metro area who will assist in the resolution of these claims. We look forward to working with all of those involved and believe that the mediation/arbitration of these cases will result in the successful resolution of LICH claims.“

Claimants who have filed a Note of Issue prior to May 29, 2011, may contact NAM directly to begin the mediator selection and scheduling process. For cases without a Note of Issue filed, or whose Note of Issue was filed after May 29, 2011, claimants should complete discovery and file a Notice of Readiness to mediate to begin the mediator selection and scheduling process.

For any questions involving claims against LICH, please contact NAM at 516-794-8950 or e-mail:


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