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January 6, 2014


NAM is pleased to announce the addition of the Honorable Richard L. Brodsky to its New York panel of neutrals. Richard Brodsky is now available to arbitrate and mediate cases throughout the metropolitan area at NAM’s offices in Garden City, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Westchester.

Richard Brodsky is widely respected for a long and distinguished career in the law and public service. He is recognized as an experienced, knowledgeable attorney and as a fair and thorough legal practitioner. He has been actively engaged in the practice of law since 1973, with notable experience as a litigator in Federal and State Courts and in administrative and arbitration proceedings. His experience encompasses commercial litigation, environmental law, non-profit corporation law, personal injury, employment and constitutional claims. Hon. Brodsky has lectured to numerous trade associations, bar associations, and civic groups, and appears as a commentator on television, most often on business and legal issues. As a former New York State Assemblyman with a wealth of knowledge and experience, Richard L. Brodsky brings a unique blend of skill and capability to the ADR arena.

Hon. Brodsky was first elected to public office in 1975 as a member of the Westchester County Board of Legislators. He was a member of the Board for four terms and focused on healthcare, transportation and tax issues. In 1982, he was elected to the New York State Assembly, where he served until 2010. As Assemblyman for almost two decades, he honed his skills as a negotiator, delicately balancing the interests of his constituents and his fellow legislators.

Assemblyman Brodsky authored hundreds of laws, notably laws reforming the State’s system of public authorities, business and non-profit corporation laws, tax laws and environmental laws. He conducted major investigations of misconduct involving Yankee Stadium, the Erie Canal, the MTA, the Power Authority, the Port Authority and local entities across New York. He has served as Chairman of the Subcommittee on Air Quality and Nuclear issues, the Subcommittee on Business and Non-for-Profit Corporations and the Subcommittee on Economic Development and has repeatedly testified before Committees of the United States Congress

Hon. Brodsky also maintains a successful private legal practice litigating complex cases in both the Federal and State Courts, and internationally. He is currently Of Counsel to the firm of Oxman Tulis Kirkpatrick Whyatt & Geiger LLP in White Plains, New York.

He has served as a Professor of Law at St. Johns Law School, where he taught Municipal Law, and Sports and Entertainment Law, and Pace Law School where he taught Constitutional Law. He currently serves as a Senior Fellow at NYU, teaching Public and Private Finance at the Law School, the Stern School of Business, and the Wagner School of Public Administration.

Roy Israel, NAM President and CEO, stated “I am very pleased to have Hon. Brodsky join NAM’s panel, especially given his great experience in NAM’s growth areas and his proven communication skills, which will ensure a successful dispute resolution career. “

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NAM offers litigants a nationwide panel of nearly 2,500 top-tier former judges and practicing specialists uniquely qualified to facilitate the resolution of disputes in a private forum. The company maintains rosters in all 50 states, including Puerto Rico, with specific expertise in the areas of Complex Commercial, Personal Injury (including 3rd party and 1st party actions), Professional Liability, Construction, Insurance, Employment, Real Estate and Financial Services dispute resolution.

Founded in 1992, NAM (National Arbitration and Mediation) has been recognized as ADR Provider of the Year and is well known for its superb customer service and for delivering exceptional results. Consistent with being the nation's premier ADR provider, the New York Law Journal Rankings Survey selected NAM as the #1 ADR provider for 2011, 2012 and 2013.

NAM actively works with more than 8,000 commercial entities, including more than 50% of the Fortune 100 companies. NAM is often an indispensable resource for parties seeking cost-effective alternatives to expensive and often time-consuming litigation.

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