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MARCH 11, 2013


NAM is pleased to announce that Hon. E. Michael Kavanagh, Former Associate Justice, Appellate Division, 1st and 3rd Dept, has joined NAM’s New York roster of neutrals servicing the upstate New York region and New York City.

Hon. Kavanagh served in the Appellate Division since 2006 where he authored numerous opinions involving significant legal issues raised during litigation generated from the State’s Supreme, County, Family and Surrogate Courts. Prior to his appointment to the Appellate Division by the Governor of New York State, Justice Kavanagh spent 8 years as a trial judge in the Supreme Court, where he presided over complex civil litigation actions concerning personal injury, medical malpractice, negligence, Labor Law, products liability, administrative regulatory reform, tax certiorari and contested matrimonial disputes. While on the Supreme Court bench, he ruled on civil matters in Ulster, Albany, Sullivan, Columbia, Greene and New York Counties . Hon. Kavanagh was appointed by the Chief Administrative Judge to the NYS Mass Tort Litigation Coordination Panel and served 6 years as a member of the NYS Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics . He was a member of both the New York State Bar Association’s committee that studied District Court jury trials and of the Unified Court System’s Drug Court Advisory Committee.

According to the 2009/2010 New York Judge Reviews, Judge Kavanagh was given high marks for his demeanor, fairness and legal knowledge. Quoting from the Judge Reviews: “Judge Kavanagh has impressed interviewees with his strong settlement and negotiating skills…….He’s a very effective negotiator……Lawyers interviewed described Judge Kavanagh’s legal knowledge as “excellent”…..He’s a very fair person….His fairness is outstanding….Judge Kavanagh received high praise for his trial management and settlement skills.”

Roy Israel, President and CEO of NAM stated: “Judge Kavanagh is a great addition to NAM’s New York Roster of Neutrals. His excellent reputation precedes him and I am very glad that NAM will be able to offer its Upstate New York and New York City based clients yet another talented neutral. His years of experience as both a trial judge and as an appellate justice, as well as his effective negotiating skills and outstanding reputation for fairness and reasonableness, will serve NAMs’ clients well.”

Judge Kavanagh is available to hear cases throughout upstate New York and New York City. Click here to view Judge Kavanagh's resume.

NAM maintains conference facilities throughout New York State, including Manhattan, Garden City, Brooklyn, Westchester, Staten Island and Buffalo.


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